For more than 50 years our run-family company has been dealing in textile raw material regenerated.

First with processing and trade of wool from old clothes and then with the processing and trade of clips from man/woman clothing manufacturing. Currently, we are known in Prato as leader company  in pulled regenerated wool.

Besides a high wool percentage of our products, we are specialized in the selection of the colours of the velour so that worsted items.
We separate the colours on the base of their shade. Consequently follow several “undercolours”.
For example for the red colour we obtain the red colour I, red II, red III, Malboro red, blood red, flame red, orange flame red, fuchsia red and so on.
This kind of colour processing, instead of colour grounds, despite expensive, allows the fabric manufacturers to use the material without dyeing again, with a consequently considerable saving in environmental impact so that financial terms.